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Blue Man Group – Austin TX: Each year the Blue Man Group comes to Austin, typically in February. They aren’t disappointing us this year either, as they are back! Austin Blue Man Group TICKETS

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Blue Man Group – TEXAS

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One of the features of the Blue Man Group show mentioned most often by satisfied audience members is the interactive qualities of the performance. The Blue Men will regularly bring audience members up on stage and perform other acts that get the whole audience involved in the show. You don’t just go to watch and be entertained – you actually become part of the performance.

The group is made up of Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink. They invented the three Blue Men characters – a bunch of strange human-like creatures with no ears and no ability to speak. Reportedly, the idea of creating the Blue Men is that because they don’t fit into any human stereotypes, an audience can more easily relate to them no matter what part of the world a performance happens to be in or what language the audience speaks. The three performers stick to their characters at all times while in their blue make-up.

While being a hilarious show on the surface, there is also a deeper element and a level of social commentary involved in the performances of the Blue Men. Their acts touch on issues such as changes in technology, being the odd one out and aiming to reach your dreams in life. The group also pokes subtle fun and some commonly accepted social norms for the enjoyment of the audience.

The one-of-a-kind Blue Man Group in Austin will be performing live at Long Center Performing Arts/Dell Hall in February.

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People who aren’t immediately familiar with the name of this group might recognize them on sight. The Blue Men are always dressed in black and covered in blue grease paint. They also appear to be bald with no ears, and they do not speak. The Blue Man Group plays different types of odd instruments, some of which are made out of PVC pipe.

In addition to playing instruments, the Blue Man Group also practices non-verbal communication, which is very similar to how mimes interact with people.

More about Blue Man Group

Despite the name, some members of the Blue Man Group are actually female. During performances, there are always three blue men on stage. After performances, the blue men must stay in character. When members of the audience ask them questions, they are not allowed to speak. Fans who ask for the autograph of any member of the Blue Man Group will be given a smudge of blue paint on their piece of paper rather than an actual name.

The popularity of the Blue Man Group is due in part to the peculiarity of the group members and their performances. It’s hard not to take pause when in the presence of the blue men and marvel at the things they do and the way they act.

The Blue Man Group got started in the mid-eighties in Manhattan by a group of college friends. The group started off doing small gigs in clubs around New York City, and today they are known throughout the world, particularly in various performing arts circles. The Blue Man Group is often invited to perform at different awards shows, and Moby fans might remember seeing them live with him at the Grammy’s during his 2001 performance there. In addition to awards shows, the group has also been seen on a few different variety television shows, commercials, and movies.

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