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Feel the rush with Formula One Austin. You want speed? You want adrenaline… excitement? Formula One in Austin, Texas. Enough said!

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Formula One Track

Austin’s Formula One track is the go-to place if you need some world-class motorsports and entertainment in the U.S. Plans for building the track were announced on July 27, 2010 and construction began on December 31 the same year. The deadline for completion of the “Circuit of the Americas” was set for June 2012, but was later changed to August, 2012. On June 13, 2012, Charlie Whiting deemed Austin, Texas, Formula One-ready and at the end of September the same year, the track passed the final inspection, just sixty days before the first race.

Circuit of the Americas is built on around 890 acres of previously underdeveloped land, is 3.41 miles long and has twenty turns. The design of the track took the best parts from all-time famous Formula 1 tracks like Silverstone and Hockenheim and combined them with its own unique features to become worthy of Formula One track greatness.

Circuit of the Americas doesn’t just host Formula One grand prix. ESPN’s X Games, the FIA World Endurance Championship, MotoGP and Tudor United SportsCar Championship sports car series, just to name a few, are other well-known races hosted on the track. And since the “strangest race in the history of Formula 1” in 2005 on the infamous track Indianapolis marked the end for Formula One in the US, it was thought that we would not see grand pix in the United States again. 2007 was the last Formula 1 race on Indianapolis, which was followed by 5 years of dry spell. Point being, Formula 1 in Austin is the only grand prix in the US.

Formula 1 Drivers Love Austin’s Formula One Track

F1 superstars like Fernando Alonso, Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Perez have all openly stated their affection and excitement about Circuit of the Americas.

One thing that is quite unique to it is that it is a counterclockwise race. Only 3 other circuits run counterclockwise. And what is the thing that will always excite people? That would be difference my friends. Over the past few years, we have seen several new tracks added to the Formula One calendar and it is just awesome. The sport was spiraling downwards for sure, since it had become way too cyclic. The same things over and over again. But thanks to these new tracks and especially the one in Austin, F1 rose from the depths like a phoenix.

Odd fact: Over Memorial Day Weekend, about 5.7 million US citizens will watch the Indianapolis 500 race. I mean seriously guys? They just run in circles for 500 laps. But hey, that’s just my personal opinion. In comparison, only about 1.4 million Americans watch the Monaco grand prix, which is considered the most watched of all the races. The image in the eyes of Mario Andretti, the track’s race ambassador, is an outstanding track that will attract new and younger audience. After all, young people’s blood is probably more active than the fuel of the Formula 1 cars. They just need adrenaline.

Formula One in Austin is Not Just About Racing

Every year, many celebrities attend various events and sign autographs to fans from all around the world. And let’s face it, we are in Texas. We cannot let people come here without trying our BBQ and beer.

The privilege of having Formula 1 come to Austin cost about $400 million. And the privilege of being there for the three day race weekend is not cheap either. It is estimated that crowds spend around $550 million in just those three days. And no, they will not spend them at the circuit. The weekend includes many parties, concerts and numerous other races that are warming people up so to speak. Statistics show that, on average, a Circuit of the Americas visitor will stay for four days and spend around $6000. That is a substantial amount for just 4 days, but it is well worth it, because money comes and goes, but experiences and emotions stay with you forever. Bumper sticker anyone?

Local “Austinites” Cash In

The Formula One Austin track at the Circuit of the Americas is not just about the extreme pleasure of high speeds. It contributes close to $1 billion in economic impact to Central Texas. Sweet!

The coming of Formula One to Austin created business opportunities. Since about 80% of the people that will attend the race are not from Texas and many of them are not from the U.S. at all, local “entrepreneurs” saw the opportunity. Those who are fortunate enough to live near Circuit of the Americas charge, on average, $75/day for parking in their driveways or on their lawns. Not too shabby. Others will rush to the outskirts of the track to sell tacos, corn-dogs, tamales and other delicious treats right from their trucks.

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If you’re a lover of all things fast be sure to check out Formula 1’s Circuit of the Americas Tour! If you’re looking to enjoy the adrenaline rush of fast cars then you’ll love grabbing a seat to Formula 1 when it hits Austin. With surprisingly more science and mathematics involved than you might think at first glance you’ll love watching the cars zoom around the track and disappear around the next turn as they compete for the fastest time and world title.