KISS and Def Leppard – Austin, TX

KISS and Def Leppard - Austin, TX

The KISS & Def Leppard concert is one of the hottest Austin concerts this summer.

KISS – Def Leppard TICKETS

Heck… my fave cousin Brian and his beautiful wife are coming from Florida to see the show. They’re even bringing along their sweet niece Lauren all the way from Alaska! Of course KISS isn’t the only reason they’re coming to Texas. We like any excuse to get together as family! 🙂

Psstt… rumor has it all three of them are going as true KISS fans with makeup. Haha! I want pictures. We’ll send out some tweets.

KISS Austin TX concert ~

Having Def Leppard paired up with KISS makes this an even more amazing concert.

And of course watching “The Family Jewels” occasionally makes seeing Gene Simmons even more interesting!

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