Ringling Brothers Circus Austin

The Ringling Brothers Circus known as the greatest show on Earth is coming to Austin Frank Erwin Center as they do each and every August.

The Ringling Brothers Circus TICKETS

If your kids are like most, they no doubt have a love for animals of all shapes and sizes. Now not only can they see these beautiful creatures up close and personal at The Ringling Brothers Circus, but they can also see them performing amazing feats that will have everyone glued to the seat. See elephants perform together, and sit or strike poses at their masters’ command.

Barnum and Bailey’s circus takes everything you thought you knew about what a circus should be and pushes it to the next level. This is real Dumbo the Elephant stuff happening right before your eyes – no screens and no tricks. And you don’t have to be concerned about cruelty – all the animals are well cared for, and the Ringling Brothers runs an elephant conservation program and has been doing so for the past 15 years as a tribute to their lasting relationship with the Asian elephant.

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Perhaps illusions and magic are more up your alley? The Ringling Brothers Illuscination show includes spectacular feats of magic that will stun your senses and leave you wondering, “How did they do that?” Witness escape artists at the top of their form and watch as real lion tamers turn ferocious beasts into their compliant best friends.

The circus cast includes literally hundreds of entertainers: clowns, magicians, trapeze artists, acrobats and more. This is live entertainment on a scale you have probably never witnessed before, and may never witness anywhere else again. So get The Ringling Brothers Circus tickets now, because the circus typically sells out.

Take every stereotypical idea of a circus you can think of, then magnify it – that gives you some idea of the caliber and intensity of the entertainment you, and family and friends are in for with Ringling Circus..

Frank Erwin Center
1701 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78701